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  • No more Flu?

    Great article in Scientific American pointing out that in the 2020-2021 winter flu season, the “flu” has completely disappeared. Some will attribute this to all the dutiful citizens obeying the myriad of government decrees put in place for Corona. But those who can think clearly will realize this is because, as was known from the […]

  • Announce: Scorched Web Wiki

    Announcing the new Scorched Web Wiki project to have a community resource for all items about privacy, federated social media, and the decentralized and distributed Web 3.0 There is a ton going on in this space, and we felt that a community contributed wiki was a resource people could use to track what is going […]

  • Crossing the Rubicon

    Today is the day that big tech fully crossed the Rubicon. They have used power to marginalize people, they have abused the innocent and taken advantage of the system. The future is federated. The future is decentralized. The future is freedom

  • Public transportation in the Corona world

    It is articles like this that are shredding the credibility of government and the scientific establishment. Any person who has spent two minutes on a subway or crowded bus knows that it is the perfect environment to spreading viruses and germs. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist (or epidemiologist) to know that. It […]

  • Consumer Alliance

    There is a solid history in the US of consumers banding together to effect (or is it affect?) change by using the power of the purse to reward or dissuade companies from there political practices. In that vain I would like to suggest that a list be formulated of preferred companies for those that believe […]

  • False Identity and Burner Email Services

    Burner email Services Create fake (burner) email addresses that can be used for services that require email for you to sign up, but you don’t want to give your real email. This is the equivalent to how people used Hotmail back in the day. Burner Mail – Mail Drop – Proton Mail – […]

  • Self Hosting Web Email

    In addition to these secure and private email hosting services previously profiled ( and there is an open-source software alternative called MailPile that allows you to host your email on your own desktop or server and then use a web interface to access your email on your computer. This way there is no leaking […]

  • Tools to Recapture your Privacy

    There are things you can do right now to take back your privacy. These are specific applications you can start using today to do exactly what you want (text, mail, communicate) without having to go through the gauntlet of the surveillance economy companies (GMail, etc). These web sites offer general advice on how to use […]

  • Organizations to Support

    If you are a supporter of a more democratic, less censored web, where privacy is the foremost importance, then there are organizations you can join and support that are working to advance these causes. While not all of the organizations support everything you may believe in, and they may support things you don’t (I certainly […]