Facebook Tracks you even if you have never used it

If you want a frightening read, from ACLU who I personally dislike, on how Facebook, and we can assume all others in the surveillance economy, monitor and track you even if you never signed up for Facebook. This is truly disturbing. https://www.aclu.org/blog/privacy-technology/internet-privacy/facebook-tracking-me-even-though-im-not-facebook →Read more

Break up the monopolies

Google, Facebook, Amazon… they are monopolies pure and simple. Since their business model is predicated on the network effect it is not possible to argue otherwise. And just like the oil barons before these monopolies must be broken up. We the people have broke up illegal monopolies (see: Sherman Anti-Trust Act) before and we will […] →Read more

Why Exit the Goolag?

Why escape from the Goolag? If you wouldn’t let a stranger listen to all your phone calls, read all your mail, and spy on your photos… then you should not be using Google, Facebook or Amazon. Would you allow random strangers to view all your photos? All the photos of your children? Can I read […] →Read more

Firefox’s Facebook Protection

If you are not already using Firefox as your browser, here is one more reason you should (as if making sure that Google doesn’t record every single key-press you type while using using the web wasn’t enough reason not to stop using Chrome…) Firefox has an extension that will “sandbox” your Facebook experience so you can […] →Read more

Google and Child Privacy

Would you let a stranger read everything your child does at school? Know every web site they visit? See a copy of every photo they take and know about every book they read? How about a group of strangers, because that is what happens when children use Google classroom and school issued Chromebooks. Do you […] →Read more

Facebook Purity Clean

Citizens Against Monopoly is an excellent organization working to battle the monopolies of the internet. From their about section: We are a growing movement to protect this country’s economy and democracy from gigantic corporate monopolies that undermine opportunity, competition, choice, and freedom of expression. We believe our democracy hangs in the balance and it will […] →Read more

Turn off GPS and Location Tracking

How much would you need to be paid to let someone know where you are every moment of the day within 5 yards and then sell that information with thousands of companies and people you don’t know? Probably more than zero. But if you leave your location tracking option on your phone to ON then […] →Read more

Own your news feed

The internet as your personal source of news has taken many forms, and unfortunately where we have ended for most people is a place where others decide for you what you should be thinking and reading. In the beginning the web was simple, you just went to the web sites that interested you. Then the […] →Read more

How to Live Without Google

DuckDuckGo published this excellent blog post on their version of how to exit the Goolag. Many of the recommendations are the same, but always good to get multiple perspectives: https://spreadprivacy.com/how-to-remove-google/ →Read more

DuckDuckGo CEO

The CEO and founder of DuckDuckGo, a completely private search engine that is a suggested replacement for google, wrote a great entry on why you should use their service:  https://www.quora.com/Why-should-I-use-DuckDuckGo-instead-of-Google →Read more