Don’t let stalkers track your every move

Would you let complete strangers know everywhere you have been? How about where you are planning on going today, would you let them know that and your exact route on how you want to get there? How about every place you are thinking about going but haven’t decided yet?

If you use google maps you are doing all of that. Every search, every directions, every move you make is tracked by Google. They then use that information however they wish, they sell it to others, the give it to the state, they generally abuse your privacy for their own gain. Are you a child, or do you think you should be able to go where you want without telling your mommy Google where you are going….

But as always there are alternatives, check out Here WeGo. It has a great clean website, mobile apps and the ability to download maps for offline use. It is clean easy and efficient, something the web was meant to be.

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