Firefox’s Facebook Protection

If you are not already using Firefox as your browser, here is one more reason you should (as if making sure that Google doesn’t record every single key-press you type while using using the web wasn’t enough reason not to stop using Chrome…)

Firefox has an extension that will “sandbox” your Facebook experience so you can continue to use Facebook but the browser will block Facebook from following you and recording everywhere you go on the web, which is the heart of the Cambridge Analytics scandal. If you didn’t know, Facebook puts trackers (called cookies) on your computer so that when you surf the web, sites that have nothing to do with Facebook, your activity can be tracked, reported back to Facebook, and then sold to advertising companies.

If this disturbs you and do not want Facebook knowing every move you make, but you still want to use Facebook then Firefox has the solution, an extension that isolates Facebook. Now you can use it all you want and not have it report back everything you are doing like a little snitch.

Extension here:



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