Public transportation in the Corona world

It is articles like this that are shredding the credibility of government and the scientific establishment. Any person who has spent two minutes on a subway or crowded bus knows that it is the perfect environment to spreading viruses and germs. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist (or epidemiologist) to know that. It is obvious to anyone.

So when the government realizes it has a problem, people are not riding public transit which threatens two important things for them. First, and obviously, is that public transit is such a scheme to funnel money from the taxpayer to the union retiree. Less ridership exposes that, which is inconvenient for those in charge, they would prefer people don’t focus on the finances of the public transit systems and where the money really goes, and it isn’t maintenance.

Second, but more importantly, is that public transit allows the government to control the movement and flow of the citizenry. A car is scary to the government, it allows people freedom. With public transit you can control who goes where.

So the same government that wants us all to believe that going to a restaurant with family and friends is a death sentence is trying to convince everyone that public transit is super safe. If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be sad.

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