Turn off GPS and Location Tracking

How much would you need to be paid to let someone know where you are every moment of the day within 5 yards and then sell that information with thousands of companies and people you don’t know? Probably more than zero.

But if you leave your location tracking option on your phone to ON then you are doing just that. Your location data is one of the most highly valued by advertisers and others that facebook and google sell your privacy to.

This is one of the more simple things you can do to regain some of your digital privacy:

  1. Turn off your GPS
  2. Turn off location tracking

Yes it is true that Google, Facebook and others have many different ways to track you down so that they can sell your privacy, for example triangulating based on WiFi or cell towers, but with these two simple steps you can reduce the accuracy and if nothing else do your part to stick it to the man (aka: monopolistic tech companies)


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